Travelling sustainably – a conscious and healthy tourism is essential for a secure future and our society. Guests understandably place increasing value on sustainable solutions. We also see environmentally and resource-friendly actions as an opportunity for positive change. It is not necessary to transform into a fully sustainable hotel operation overnight – what is crucial is the realization that drives action, every single big and small step, and the willingness to change. We share this responsibility – employees and guests alike. We take our corporate social responsibility seriously, and we want to use resources consciously and gently, without straining them more than necessary. Below, you have the opportunity to learn about our sustainability measures.

DEHOGA Environmental Award

DEHOGA Environmental Award "Silver"

We were awarded the “Silver” category for our environmentally conscious and sustainable actions as part of our participation in the “DEHOGA Environmental Check”. The “DEHOGA Environmental Check” is the continuation of the energy campaign for the hospitality industry launched in 2006 in collaboration with the Federal Ministry for the Environment by the DEHOGA Federal Association. The “DEHOGA Environmental Check” was designed for the specific requirements of the hospitality industry and its predominantly small and medium-sized businesses. In addition to its industry relevance and practicality, it enables a fair and transparent comparison of participating businesses.

Eco-Profit Business

Eco-Profit Business

The Kastens Hotel Luisenhof is an awarded Eco-Profit energy business. The city, the Hannover region, and the energy provider enercity support the energy efficiency of companies through the network. As part of the Eco-Profit program, which lasts for two years and includes workshops and consultation sessions, practical measures are developed that relieve the environment while saving energy and costs.

Food Origin

Food Origin

In the production of our dishes, we source regional, seasonal, and fair trade products wherever possible. Below you will find an exemplary list of where we source our food.

  • Meat & Sausages: Gramann Landschlachterei (30982 Pattensen) *r
  • Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic Beverages: Brunnenkopp & Staude Logistik (30952 Ronnenberg/Empelde) *r, Noltke Getränkefachgroß- und Einzelhandel (30625 Hannover)*r
  • Beer: Privatbrauerei Herrenhausen (30419 Hannover) *r
  • Bakery Products: BackGeschwister (30916 Isernhagen) *r, Konditorei Kreipe GmbH (30159 Hannover) *r, Bahlsen (30159 Hannover) *r
  • Vegetables: Carsten Lahmann (31303 Burgdorf-Otze) *r

*r = regional (<100km)

Sustainability measures in the Food & Beverage sector

Sustainability measures in the Food & Beverage sector

  • Organic waste is processed in a biogas plant
  • waste separation
  • regional dishes
  • collaboration with local companies, close supplier network
  • increased vegetarian or vegan options
  • plastic reduction through the use of bulk packaging
Sustainability measures in the energy sector

Sustainability measures in the energy sector

  • Use of energy-saving light bulbs
  • use of natural daylight (electric lighting is avoided during daylight hours)
  • combined heat and power plant (CHP) for generating electricity and heat (electrical and thermal output of 20,000 KW each)
  • waste separation
  • water-saving faucets
  • regular cleaning, maintenance and upkeep of equipment and facilities to ensure efficiency
  • use of motion sensors
  • energy-saving window glazing
  • heating through district heating
Sustainability measures in hotel operations

Sustainability measures in hotel operations

  • Waste separation throughout the hotel
  • progressive digitization measures such as digital guest folders (reducing paper usage)
  • avoiding single-use plastic packaging (e.g. at breakfast)
  • reusable to-go alternatives
  • fair trade and regional sourcing wherever possible
  • regular review and comparison of suppliers for shorter delivery routes
  • high-quality furnishings for longer furniture lifespan
  • upcycling and restoration of antiques and older furniture pieces for reuse in the hotel
  • promoting the option of reusing towels
  • reusable and environmentally friendly decorations
  • only using reusable dishes and fabric tablecloths

mobility options:

  • in-house bicycle rental
  • four electric vehicle charging stations.
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If you have any questions do not hesitate to call +49 (0)511 3044-0