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Restaurant "MARY`s"

In Restaurant MARY`s, you will experience culinary highlights in the heart of Hanover!

Fine dining in Hanover for us starts with an exquisite breakfast and ends with the expectations of a gourmet restaurant!

International meals are elaborately served and regional cuisine with a touch of Luisenhof personality is always specially created for you. While fine dining in Hanover, present your guests with our impressive gala dinner compositions. Does a gourmet restaurant in Hanover need stars? We already cook at this level even without this accreditation.

A gourmet restaurant means positively responding to special requests...

We serve vegetarian food, vegan food prepared with love and lactose-free ingredients. Also, nut and gluten-free meals are standard for us. Even lovers of alcohol and pork-free foods enjoy dining with us. Please inform us at the reservation time about any special wishes so that our chef, Christian Becker, and his team are able to prepare a delicious dish just for you.

Our banquet team will gladly take your dinner reservations at the gourmet restaurant MARY`s in Hanover.

Contact us any time via telephone +49 (0) 511 / 30 44 814 or email 
Our restaurant is open daily from 11:45 am - 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm - 10:30 pm.