1x rom. , 1x adl.

East & West

West and East (Dortmund / Berlin):
Drive A2 motorway (east / west). Use exit no. 44 (Hannover/ Langenhagen, Zentrum). Follow signs to Hannover Zentrum. Now you will reach the Vahrenwalder Strasse. Follow this road in the direction Zentrum(south). At the end of the road use left lane (at the CONTINENTAL AG Building) after appx. 200 meters turn left into Hamburger Strasse(south east), follow the sign Stadtmitte (city centre). Head the Hamburger Strasse and also the road bridge. At the end of the bridge use the right lane and follow the traffic sign to the Oper (opera) and then turn right (west) into the Königstraße. Heading the street until its end (back side of the opera) turn right and again right into the Luisenstrasse. On your right hand side you will find KASTENS HOTEL LUISENHOF.